18 avril 2023
In March 2017, El Salvador became the first country to ban open-pit mining – a huge win in a David-versus-Goliath story! This ban was the culmination of more than a decade of struggle of the Salvadoran people to protect their small country and its precious water from attack by global mining companies. Today, this ban is under threat. Communities are organizing once more after learning that the current government wants to resume mining in the country. Five human rights and water defenders who played a key role in the 2017 historic ban on metals mining were detained on January 11, 2023. These arbitrary arrests are deeply concerning as they violate both El Salvador’s internationally-recognized Peace Agreement and the National Reconciliation Law, both signed in 1992. The five water defenders were FMLN combatants during the 1980-1992 civil war in El Salvador. Without credible evidence, they have been charged with murder, unlawful deprivation of liberty, and unlawful association – alleged crimes that took place 33 years ago within the context of the civil war. Water protectors in El Salvador say these arrests are politically motivated and a strategy to demobilize strong community opposition to mining at this critical moment. Join the global movement for the release of 5 Santa Marta Water Defenders and to protect El Salvador’s Peace Agreement!
20 janvier 2023
Rassemblement d'organisations
Le 11 janvier, sur ordre du procureur général salvadorien, la police a arrêté cinq éminents Défenseurs de l'Eau. Ils font partie des leaders de la campagne historique qui a conduit à l'interdiction de l'exploitation minière au Salvador en 2017 au nom de la protection de l'eau. Or, le gouvernement envisagerait désormais d'annuler cette interdiction. Selon les organisations de défense de l'environnement et des droits de l'Homme au Salvador, les arrestations servent un objectif politique, car elles visent à réduire au silence ces Défenseurs de l'Eau et à démobiliser l'opposition communautaire dans un moment critique pour le pays. Avec 250 autres organisations internationales, SystExt apporte aujourd'hui son soutien à une déclaration commune demandant au gouvernement salvadorien d'abandonner les charges retenues et de les libérer de prison, dans l'attente de leur procès.